KSA MA Architectural Visualisation


Film & Architecture Series

Urbanism in Collateral

By: Jihad Kmail. Introduction: This presentation is discussing urbanism and the architectural representation in Collateral. Collateral is a crime movie directed by Michael Mann in 2004 and co-written by Stuart Beattie. The Neo-noir film set was Los Angeles with a... Continue Reading →


Architecture and Film Noir: The Third Man

At the advent of the twentieth century, film bought into existence a new era within art and architecture. In the beginning, architectural and artistic expression concentrated on the interpretation of two dimensional imageries into three dimensional forms. Film however became... Continue Reading →

Absurdities of Modernity (in Jaques Tati´s Playtime)

Modernism is a very wide term that describes the styles that developed throughout the 20th century across the world. The search for a spirit of the age (every age develops a new expression of collective humanity), artists and architects were... Continue Reading →

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