KSA MA Architectural Visualisation


March 2017

Metropolis: The Contemporary City – Heat

In the following presentation, we will be looking at the depiction of the contemporary city of the award winning director, screenwriter and producer Michael Man in the film Heat. Before we begin, we would like to introduce you to the... Continue Reading →



Archifuturama: Sci-fi Architecture – Gattaca         Gattaca is a Biopunk also known as Cypunk which is a subgenre of sci-fiction films that focus on biotechnology. It was directed by Andrew Niccol and released in 1997. Niccol depicts... Continue Reading →


  TRON: LEGACY - Exploring the notion of virtual space with Joseph Kosinski TRON LEGACY: The year 2011 saw the launching of one of the most CG visual effects movie - the Tron Legacy.With a cast that included Jeff Bridges,... Continue Reading →

Sense of place: Architectural Iconography

Effect of Industrial Revolution on Architecture-Influence of Scandinavian Architects in American style Industrial Revolution Diamonds are forever was a novel written by Ian Fleming in 1950s. He was inspired to write the novel after reading about diamond smuggling.The movie was... Continue Reading →

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